We want Redbridge to be a great place to live. This might sound like a modest ambition, but delivering on it requires bold steps to renew our borough and transform the way our council works. A key theme across all our priorities is the need for a new relationship between the council, its’ partners and residents. While local government services play an important role in shaping the future of Redbridge, the ambitions we have forged in partnership with our communities can only be delivered with the active participation of those communities. Our part of the deal will be to provide the best possible services and support, while becoming a more open and democratic organisation, giving residents a real voice in the way we make decisions.

We face huge financial challenges. Some £180m has been cut from council budgets since 2010 and there is no clear end in sight. Along with every other council, Redbridge is also grappling with the financial fallout of the COVID 19 pandemic and the challenges this brings to maintaining our financial resilience. The council needs to ensure that its money is aimed squarely at achieving the goals set out in its strategic delivery plan, and we are evolving the way we make decisions about our budget to ensure this happens. Meeting the spending challenge requires an unprecedented level of commitment and innovation from our staff.

The Finance team is on a journey, alongside the rest of the organisation, in changing the way it interacts with and supports the council. We reviewed and refreshed the structure of the team a couple of years ago, but with increasing complexity in workloads and the expansion of the councils’ ambition, it is clear we need to draw in additional capacity, as well as address some vacancies within existing teams. We are looking for experienced, energetic individuals who relish challenging the status quo, enjoy building financial models and having thought-provoking and challenging conversations. Most importantly we are looking for individuals that can both fully support the services they are working with, and at the same time hold them to account to the corporate need of the council as a whole.

More information on the council’s strategic development plan can be found here

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